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Phil & Teds Promenade Pushchair Review / Buying Guide


promenade side view

The Phil & Teds Promenade is the most premium pushchair in the Phil & Teds range. Phil & Teds design pushchairs to help parents live a dynamic life with children. They create products for parents and children that are fully adaptable, this is what makes the Promenade pushchair so great. The Promenade can adapt to take one child or two children. The Promenade comes as standard with one seat unit, but you can purchase an additional seat unit to transform the Promenade into a premium inline tandem, which is what Phil & Teds do best.

The Promenade stroller is suitable for use from birth until approximately 4 years, so you can be sure you are getting lots of use for your money. The Promenade weighs 13kg with a single seat unit and 16kg with double seat units. The buggy is designed primarily for urban use.


convertible flat bed seat

The Promenade seat unit has a unique feature in that it easily converts to a flat bed. To convert the seat all you need to do is simply undo two clips underneath the seat unit, and use the one hand triple recline to recline the seat into the lay flat position…voila! This flat bed feature is perfect for new-borns and means you do not need to purchase an additional carrycot for your pushchair. When you no longer require the seat to be in its flat bed position, simply transform back into a regular seat again.

One of the many fantastic features about this pushchair is that the seat can be positioned either rearward facing, which is great for when your baby is small to help you communicate and bond. Or the seat can be positioned forward facing, this is ideal for when your baby is a little older and wants to look around at the world.

rear and forward facing seats

The Seat unit is very comfortable for your child, it features a multi position reclining seat, which can be adjusted very simply and smoothly using just one hand. There are 3 recline positions in total, so you can be sure your child is in the most comfortable position.

The fully adjustable foot rest adjusts to your child's height, so as they grow they are always comfortable when in their pushchair, and their feet and legs are supported. Also included with the pushchair is a bumper bar which is fully removable if you require, but is also easy to open up so you can place your child in and out of the buggy more easily.


promenade sun canopy

The Promenade has a generous sun canopy with a zip-out extension, this allows for fantastic shade coverage for your child on sunny days. The zip-out extension in the middle of the canopy is mesh, which allows for air circulation for maximum comfort.

The shopping basket is large and will easily fit a changing bag or a bag of shopping. The Promenade has a sliding adjustable handle to suit your height and your stride length, this is a great feature for both taller and shorter parents and makes pushing and manoeuvring the pushchair much more comfortable and easy.


promenade wheels

The Promenade features four airless wheels, this means no chance of punctures! The rear wheels are larger than the front for stability, and the front wheels are lockable swivel wheels. Simply lock the front wheels when manoeuvring over bumpy or uneven terrain such as gravel, cobbles or sand. When in urban environments switch the wheels to swivel mode for effortless manoeuvring.


promenade double seats

The Promenade does what Phil & Teds pushchairs do best..adapt! The Promenade is the only pushchair you will ever need for one or two children. It can be easily converted into a premium inline tandem pushchair with the additional purchase of the double kit seat ( which is the same as the convertible flat bed seat).

The are 8 different configurations in which the pushchair can be used for example; it can be used for just one child, using one seat unit or one car seat. The promenade can also be used with two newborn twins, using two convertible seat units….remember no need to use carrycots as the seats convert to lay- flat beds.

The Promenade can be used for a newborn and a toddler, so if you still have a child of stroller age and then you have a new baby you can use two seat units or one seat unit and one car seat. Also the stroller can be used for two toddlers!…the possibilities seem endless.

8 in 1

Available Accessories

As you would expect from phil & teds there are lots of useful accessories for the Promenade, these include; Single storm raincovers, Single sun covers, Double kit with sunhood, seat liners, Cocoons, Sleeping bags and travel bags.

Key Features

  • Newborn to 4 years
  • 5 point safety harness
  • Pedal brake
  • 4 airless tyres
  • Front wheel suspension
  • Large Shopping basket
  • Convertible flat-bed seat
  • One hand triple reclining seat
  • Adjustable footrest
  • Adjustable handle
  • Rearward or Forward facing seat
  • Sun hood with zip out extenuation
  • Removable bumper bar
  • Folded Dimensions: 106cm x 64cm x 33.5cm
  • Weight as single pushchair: 13kg
  • Weight as Double pushchair: 16kg